Bidlisiw Wild Honey  330ml

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Bidlisiw Wild Honey 330ml

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PURE WILD HONEY 710g (300ml)

The, texture, color and taste of honey differs depending on the season and nectar source visited by the honey bees. Sometimes it tastes floral, fruity, fresh, vegetal or woody. It differs from hive to hive. Honey from the Bee Farm or cultured honey has different taste also, our Honey is produced by native wild bees that extract nectars from the mountain diverse forest flowers. Dont compare Honey base on TASTE, if in doubt, DO THE PURITY TEST. Even the experts, do the lab test. OPINION IS DIFFERENT FROM A FACT!

Very Elegant Packaging
Perfect for Birthday, Baptismal, Corporate, Wedding Giveaways

Honey will always crystallize. All you can do is to keep it away from the cold so that it crystallizes more slowly. About Ants Vs Honey. As honey is exposed to the environment, it naturally draws moisture from the air to the outer layer of the honey, this will really attract ants.
Don't rely on ants, do the diy purity test at home.

✔️Honey is incredible to people and pets:

🍃Benefits for Skin and Hair:
☑️Fights Acne
☑️Helps Healthy Hair
☑️Treats Skin Allergies
☑️Heals Eczema
☑️Helps lighten dark areas and scars.

🍃Benefits for Health:
☑️Can help eye problems
☑️Reduce the risk of diabetes
☑️Reduce the risk of heart disease
☑️ Helps Weight Loss
☑️ Boosts Immune System
☑️ Treats Colds, Cough and Sore Throat
☑️Natural Healer
☑️Improves Digestions
☑️Lessens Gastrointestinal Problems
☑️Treats Insomnia
☑️Pack of Nutrients
☑️Antibacterial properties
☑️Improve Endurance
☑️ Control Acid kati
☑️Honey And Hangover
☑️ Immunity Booster
☑️ Oral Rehydration

🍃Honey as snacks and food ingredients.
🍃Honey for dogs and cats:
As an occasional treat is fine.

Simple ways to check the honey you bought is pure:
1.Doesn't dissolve in water easily...goes right to the bottom.Why?because pure honey should be densed and do not have more than 20percent water or moisture, that is why it is so sticky.

2.Cotton pad dipped in honey burns easily...Why? Because pure honey is very less in moisture.

3. The thumb test and Honey Comb Image Formation.